Child's Play - Carol runs into her nemesis as Awesome Affair competes to plan a socialite's birthday party. 

How Can We Be Out Of Wine? - A wine shortage makes the planners have to improvise to save the Kaufman Bat Mitzah. 

Code Planner - A tasting gets cancelled forcing the planners to put aside their "P.P.C.s", cut-loose, and learn about each other's  personal tastes. 

They're Saying Rain!- Awesome Affair meets their new team member as rain threatens to ruin an outdoor reception for a Gala.

​Where's the Band? - When the band can't make it to a 50th anniversary party the planners scramble to find replacement entertainment.


White Wedding - Carol lifts Awesome Affair's "No-Nups policy", and causes added ​stress for JM & Mackenzie as they try to plan the perfect wedding. 

Coat Check Yourself - When the coat check attendent calls out of star-studded event for canine memory loss, JM & Mackenzie are forced to be in coat check and learn about professionalism.

30/60/90 - After a cake catastrophe, Carol puts herself on an action plan.  JM & Mackenzie vie for control as Awesome Affair's future hangs in the balance.