Planners is a new original comedic web series about the eccentric event planners of Awesome Affair; Carol, JM, and Mackenzie.  Most parties are too big, and none are too small for this "talented" trio.  They might not have it all together, but together they have the delusional confidence and sensible taste to navigate the competitive world of event planning.  The only thing stopping them from planning the perfect party is themselves. 

Kimberly, Phillip, and Elizabeth started developing Planners while working at a catering event in NYC. As Phillip and Elizabeth observed the calculated way the event planners deliberated over the smallest details, Kimberly confessed she was once an event planner and suggested it would make a great show. They spent the rest of the evening creating the characters of Awesome Affair and pitching episode ideas.  After a brief writing process, they fleshed out the eight episodes of season one.  Planners ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign for production costs, and began filming in May ‘14 and wrapped season one in September ’14. Kimberly, Phillip, and Elizabeth are so proud of the show, and hope you have as much fun watching it as they did making it.  Live Your Dreams!